Fall 2016 – Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends Tour

Poster by Plastic Flame Press

October Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends ART OF MURDER tour:

Thursday Oct. 13 San Francisco, CA: Bottom of the Hill w/ Poster Children, Taxes
Friday Oct. 14 Oakland, CA: Golden Bull w/ PORCH, Dark Beach
Saturday Oct. 15 Portland, OR: Turn Turn Turn w/ The Cut 45
Sunday Oct. 16 Seattle, WA: Highline w/ The Devil Bores Me, The Bismarck
Monday Oct. 17 Missoula, MT: Stage112 w/ Magpies
Tuesday Oct. 18 Deadwood, SD: (no show, just chilling at Wild Bill’s grave)
Wednesday Oct. 19 Minneapolis, MN: Hexagon Bar w/ Buildings
Thursday Oct. 20 Milwaukee, WI: Frank’s Power Plant W/ IfIHadAHiFi, Fox Face
Friday Oct. 21 Pretty Lake, MI: – PRF Camp-Out 2016
Saturday Oct. 22 Pretty Lake, MI: – PRF Camp-Out 2016
Sunday Oct. 23 Chicago, IL: Township w/ Burned or Buried, Beat Drun Juel…

Shiny Grey Monotone Interview with Conan Neutron

Flagship SW artist Conan Neutron answered some questions for one of our favorite music blogs Shiny Grey Monotone.

Here it is: Secret Friends are discussed, as well as Replicator, Mount Vicious, Victory and Associates all with candor and honesty.
Dale Crover, David Yow, Industrial guest appearances Radio NOPE and damn near everything else.

Also includes a weighty “awesome band” list is that would be a worthy homework assignment for any discerning rocker. I can already think of at least a half dozen bands I forgot to include. Damn!

Here it is.

conan neutron.
you may recognize the name.
and even if you don’t you’ll still find yourself saying “that’s a pretty kick-ass name. why couldn’t my parents name me conan neutron. i hate my parents!” and then running into your room and slamming the door behind you and then cranking up the stereo. and this is the point where’d you’d forgotten that you hadn’t taken out that BEST OF ABBA cd and now everyone knows your dirty little secret.

moving on.

and before all of this begins i need to clear something up: conan is in no way shape or form related to jimmy. don’t bring it up.  the last time that happened it wasn’t so nice. you may have heard about it on the news.

also: never mention that pointer sisters song either. just don’t.

moving on.

some of you may have heard of some bands with names like:
mount vicious
victory and associates

you may have even seen them around here on SGM island.
and if you haven’t you’ve just been voted off.

nowadays he’s fronting/playing guitar in a band with some of his secret friends.
and no i’m not going to tell you who they are.
that’s his job.

Q: seeing as how you and your secret friends league have just been brought up…tell us all about that.

A: Sure, this is like my weirdo rock version of the Avengers, or something. Every player is a superstar totally capable of badass acts of heroism and power on their own, but coming together for a greater purpose. I suppose that would make me Captain America. I guess Tony Ash is Iron Man and Dale Crover is the Hulk? Wait, no Thor. Toshi Kasai is… uh… Nick Fury?
Wait… this is dumb.
Another way to look at it, is this is my version of the the Bad Seeds or something. The players sometimes change and cycle in, but the basic core remains the same and the songs come from me originally before being twisted, contorted and shaped into whatever dark forces come together at the end. It’s my version of rock ‘n roll. And that includes a world where Melvins, Bon Scott era AC/DC, DEVO, Unwound, The Jesus Lizard and Thin Lizzy all should be lauded equally. You get me? It’s rock, but with the no bullshit or excuses attitude that can only come from people that live and breathe punk rock/noise rock or whatever the hell